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Complete set of bus bars for Toyota Prius 2001-2003

These are completely new precision CNC machined hybrid battery bus bars.  These are NOT old cleaned and then plated bars.  Plated bars still suffer from corrosion if scratched as the plating is very thin.  Our bus bars are CNC machined from proprietary material that is thicker than the original to reduce resistance and voltage drop. Get maximum power out of you hybrid battery.  If you were to cut one of our bars in half you would not see any unprotected bare copper.  These will NOT corrode like original bare copper bars!!  We will be releasing other applications in the future. If you are unsure if this will fit your application or have a special request, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or by phone.  We will be glad to assist you with any of your questions.

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  1. patrick

    Review Written by James Tiller on Oct 11th 2017 Don’t “Go All Green”, replace instead with Reflex Concepts, New Bus Bars. My 2002 Prius began throwing the “Traction Battery Unbalanced” error symbol. Since I had cleaned and reinstalled the original bus bars 2 years ago almost to the day I immediately began a web search for replacement bars. Took me a long time to locate “Reflex Concepts”, but I knew immediately that if they live up to the advertising, They will be the answer to a prayer. They looked great with the single exception that there was big finger print on one, which I admit could have been from my initial inspection. My battery failure was due to my poor workmanship, stripping the threads on pack number 15 when I reinstalled my cleaned copper bars 2 years ago. I know this because the packs’ terminal and nut was stripped and all black. None of the other terminals looked like that. So, if you should decide to replace or even clean the links be certain that you use a torque wrench on those nuts (48 Inch Lbs) . You can purchase a torque wrench at Home Depot for about $30, a pittance to pay to save so much time and effort. If you have already stripped a terminal, they have 10-32 threads and a threader can be found at the same place and price range.