About Us

  Four years ago we were approached by a local repair facility asking is we could machine new copper bus bars when they were reconditioning hybrid batteries.  We gladly accepts this challenge and the product was a perfect replacement for what the were asking for.  We both quickly realized that using the same material (oxygen free copper) was a terrible idea.  The same corrosion and poor connections issues were reoccurring. 

  This is when our company set out to find the best solution to this problem.  We knew that Nickel plated copper was a fair solution, but lacked to real protection once installed.  The plating was so thin that by the time you installed all the hardware back onto the battery you wore through the plating.  This just undid any advantages of the plated surface.  We worked hard to develop our own material that was was far superior to bare copper but needed to have the anti-corrosion properties of the plating process. 

  We put our material through the toughest environments to ensure that we have won.  We succeeded!!  We also have LOWER resistance than nickel plated copper!! Double win!!